"Take off your boots, babe,
swing your thigh over mine. I like it
when you do the same old thing
in the same old way.
And then a few kisses, easy, loose,
like the ones we’ve been
kissing for a hundred years."

A poem from Like A Beggar by Ellen Bass, reviewed by Julie R. Enszer. 

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day one of fuurio week like

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this isn’t for any theme I just love them so much that’s all.

Fanfic: First



Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth

Pairing: Fuu/Ferio

Rating: M…?

Summary: First times and alien biology

Comments: I originally wrote this for camisado, she loves me most days. Not entirely serious.

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heh heh heh heh heh


First Night Home, a magic knight rayearth/魔法騎士レイアース fanfic | FanFiction

Title: First Night Home

Summary: It’s Fuu’s first ‘normal’ night in Cephiro and Ferio wants to make it memorable. 

I love the cute little banter and I love the world building here woww yes MY EYES ARE STARS

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Presenting Crown Prince Ferio and Princess Fuu of Cephiro.


Broken-Bruised-Battered: A metal animorphs playlist

| We Are the Hunters-D’Uberville | The Number of the Beast-Iron Maiden | Under the Bladeship- Twisted Sister | Marching off to War-Motorhead | Fight Fire with Fire-Metallica | The Prisoner-Iron Maiden | Metal Thrashing Mad-Anthrax | Firefight-Blackguard (lyrics) | Reise Reise-Rammstein | Remember Tomorrow-Iron Maiden |

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"Earth girls are easy."

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 What We Deserve 

The Knights do a promotional tour around Cephiro, sit for a painting, and hate themselves. In the meantime, Fuu has a lot of decisions to make.

so I started this fic in like March of 2013 or something like that and I’m finally making myself start to post it.  maybe that’ll motivate me to finish it.  I’m posting the first chapter today to celebrate Fuu/Ferio Week!  I have around 25k done, which is maybe half?  I’m not sure yet.  the overall plot is gen but there’s a major Fuu/Ferio focus.



also they are transparent so please feel free to drag them around your dashboard and go ‘whee!’

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Kristanna: Trust Excercise (Reprise)

And they were dorks for the rest of their lives  LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

Kristoff/Anna © Disney

Art © Me

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Monday the 15th - Sunday the 21st is Fuu/Ferio Week!  You don’t have to follow the prompts, but if you want to, they are:

Monday: First
Tuesday: Gift/present
Wednesday: Element
Thursday: Differences
Friday: Privacy
Saturday: Public display of affection
Sunday: Time

Please tag so we can all enjoy!:
#MKR Shipping Week Challenge
#Fuu x Ferio Week 

Master Post for the month is here.

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with complimentary bonus pic:

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Reposting this for a more Tumblr friendly viewing.

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It’s a war. We do what we have to do because we’re forced to do it, right? Someday it will be all over. Someday the Andalites will come. Or the Yeerks will decide we’re not worth it. Someday we’ll win.