The evil husbands do some post-ep.-33 damage control.

(Relined and recoloured.)

Apparently I headcanon Kunzite as a chain smoker. Apparently Zoisite’s hair gets crazier the angrier he gets. Apparently I can’t draw toilets.

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New headcanon: Zoisite hates getting wet.

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Is it just me or are there 2 Mokona’s???

yyyyeep I’m sure there’s no way production of this scene was rushed nope no way


seeing a post from one of your rare fandoms randomly appear on your dash


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The Lovers

◢ Emeraude x Zagato

two bolts of lightning 
flash at the very same time
you streaking your way
and me streaking mine

for the briefest of moments
together we lit up the sky
then the whole world went dark
with no one left to ask why

- David Hall

◢ Emeraude x Zagato ◣


Monday September 29th - Sunday October 5th is Everyone Else Week!  This week is for other canonical relationships as well as whatever totally random crack pairings you want!  Instead of prompts, there’s a day devoted to each.  

If you want to do just one ship that hasn’t been featured in a previous week, you can do it all week this week, just keep on tagging so we know to reblog it!

Sept 29: Emeraude/Zagato
Sept 30: Caldina/Lafarga
Oct 1: Eagle/Geo -or- Eagle/Lantis (or all three, of course)
Oct 2: another canon relationship, requited or otherwise (Aska/Sanyung, Alcyone/Zagato)
Oct 3: one of the Knights with someone they’re not usually paired up with
Oct 4: the Magic Knights (two of your choice or all three)
Oct 5: Your crack pairing of choice (Zazu/Ascot, Eagle/Presea, Clef/Lafarga, you name it)

Please tag so we can all enjoy!:
#MKR Shipping Week Challenge
#Everyone Else Week 

Master Post for the month is here.

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The Tophat managed to find a map of Gaea, supposedly from one of the artbooks, and is posting it here for reference (and for the purposes of AU plotting).

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Escaflowne reference BLESS THIS I HAVE NEEDED THIS LOOK AT ALL THAT ALL THE PLACES LEFT UNEXPLORED and hold up ASGARD! the boundaries aren’t that well-defined though what’s all that land beyond freid? uncharted land? undiscovered territory? I NEED TO KNOW FOR REASONS also those sea monsters! a seadragon (resembling Jichia) and is that a kraken we need a pirate AU or some adventures on the high seas fic (explodes from all the potential) we could have had another show just about Gaea who needs the boring old Mystic Moon anyway

Escafan has very kindly scanned her artbook with a GLOBE!
Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
I think the first two are the same image, just from different books. The last is the same map, just with the Japanese text. :)

I think there might be a pirate AU on… Or i might be confusing it with the Inuyasha one I know is there. :P I like to think that there has been some exploration beyond Freid. Dryden! :)

I’d absolutely LOVE to have the text translated… And I’m REALLY curious as to where the map fits on the globe!! I tend to think that Asgard is the Arctic so the map is somewhere at the top portion of the globe.

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when ur friend ships ur notp

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L i f e is suffering.  It is hard.  The world is  c u r s e d.  But still, you find reasons to  k e e p  living.” 

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