To clarify, it wasn’t just the wording of what Seiya said that annoyed me (it was guilt-trippy, but at any other time, it would have been manageable) - it was the timing. This was the very first time Seiya had ever told Usagi that she liked her. So she picked the time when Usagi was at her most vulnerable, her most depressed, her most confused, her most lonely, to drop that bomb on her. “Hey Usagi guess what, turns out I have a big ol’ crush on you so yeah uh WHY DON’T YOU LIKE ME, WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST ME USAGI HUH” […]
Usagi was going through some serious shit, Seiya knew, and she chose that time to dump all her extra baggage onto her. That’s what it boils down to. If you think that’s romantic, maybe you should rethink.

[…] She just watched as Usagi confessed to her how much she missed her boyfriend, whom she had no contact with for a long period of time. Usagi broke down in front of her, telling her all her doubts and fears, exposing all of her weaknesses to her. She was beyond lonely, and she was visibly distressed and confused. So Seiya gets down on her knees, and lays down one of the biggest guilt-trips I’ve ever heard. “Am I not good enough?”

THANK YOU.  It’s an awesome scene, well-done and powerful.  But that doesn’t mean the characters are being good people.  Emphases in the quoted text above mine.

I do want to reiterate that I adore Usagi/Seiya friendship and have no problem with non-canon pairings.  It’s when people insist their crack pairing or alternate pairing is “better” or “how it should be”.  I think Hikaru and Lantis are a lazy-ass pairing and she should totally be with Zazu, but hey, that’s not canon and I know that.

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