Chibimoon and Pegasus by ~Danime-chan

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fandom happened here.

Ashita no Nadja - “Nadja!” (Piano) (by AndrewPlaysPiano)

Quite lovely!

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Elfangor and Loren?  Oh.  ;____;

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Mark Hammill, who portrayed Luke Skywalker, was also the voice of Fire Lord Ozai. This is a parody of that fact lol (via Zuko, I am your FATHER by *dCTb on deviantART)

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modern gaang by *viria13

This is the cutest, and I see it all over tumblr with people going “Oh I don’t know who made this but message me if you know!~~~”, which pisses me off because the original piece on viria13’s deviantart account is literally the first site that pops up when you do a Google reverse image search with this picture.

Anyway. I love it and it’s poking me in my budding Tokka feels. Huzzah. <3


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I don’t officially ship anything romantically in ATLA but I have ALL the broships.

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Seiya. Haruka. Mamoru.

my sexuality is suddenly confused.

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いろいろ詰めⅡ | masuo 

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Masakazu Katsura drew Goku.



Today’s theme is, “Inner Senshi Attacks”. 

The inspiration for these necklaces come from some of my favorite “Attack Tactics” each of the Inner Senshi use individually. Starting with Sailor Mercury’s Aqua Rhapsody Necklace, second Sailor Mars Flame Sniper Necklace, third Sailor Jupiter Thunderbolt necklace and last Sailor Venus Love Me Chain Necklace. 

All items can be found on my Anime Couture Jewelry etsy store. :-)

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Western version of the Princess Mononoke characters.

San, Lady Eboshi, Ashitaka, Yakul, and the Forest Spirit.

Here are all of the character designs done for class! The assignment was to take a story and redesign the characters, changing the time period and style. I still have some edits to make and more to do with the project even though class is over. Stay tuned :)


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art by 野比のび太

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i was thinking about books i really like and wound up thinking about the hork-bajir chronicles from the animorphs series, and i realized these two are probably one of my first hardcore ships i SHIP THEM SO MUCH…

and then i remembered drawing the background cover art when i was tiny and was super excited about it. so i guess this is a 10+ years-later nod…?


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But when are you coming home, Elfangor? (via Echinoderma)

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A little over halfway through the series and I don’t ship it yet?  I friend!ship it SO HARD but dunno if I will romantic!ship it or not.  Either way, this still hits my friend!shipping buttons so hard for these two.

I have a lot of non-romantic ships in this series.  (This might be a surprise, but I love non-romantic ships even more than romantic ones.  Give me ALL the bro!ships and sibling!ships and deepconnection!ships and aaaah.)

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